– In game it will be January 2079, so quite a gap from Smoke Flowers (depending on time passage in the fae realms?).

– Characters from Forbidden Aegis/Smoke Flowers are welcome (or from Jack’s games). New characters can be built with the Sum-to-14/prime runner build used for these games. I won’t recruit more broadly unless I have less than three characters.

– The ‘fixers’ for this run are a pair of troll musicians, who perform under the band name “Not the Thompsons.” They have Sudbury connections, but a broad network elsewhere from their travels. Sudbury not supporting too large of a shadow community they’ll reach out their contacts to find runners who are available to travel to the back end of beyond at short notice, who are adaptable, and who can limit the count of bodies they leave behind. You are welcome to write your character to Sudbury for other reasons, or to take a call from a Fixer of your character’s acquaintance. (If we get Silk back OK then potentially Silk gets the call and puts much of this team together, possibly Al pulls in Lilly?)

Setting background:
– Sudbury is a mining city near the northern edge of the UCAS, population in 2079 of ~140 000. High level of various ethnic groups, a substantial francophone minority, and an above average ratio of orcs. It is located along the southern rim of the Sudbury Basin.

– The Sudbury Basin is the remains of the crater created by a meteor impact about 1.9 billion years ago. The edges of the crater were in part formed by magma that was rich in nickel, copper, and other minerals. (feel free to read more geological goodness on Wikipedia, or watch this educational video //

– By the time of the game, people will have been digging mines through this structure for about two centuries, leaving many miles of mine tunnels, at depths of up to a couple of miles below ground. Likewise there are miles and miles of old slag piles on the surface.

– Some of the oldest slag was re-processed in the 2020s – 2040s to extract remaining rare elements, in the process releasing large amounts of Sulphur which killed off much of the vegetation around the city. By the time of the game things are greening back somewhat, but the area is still quite barren looking and rumours of toxic shamans linger

– A massive refinery was built in the 2040s and has changed hands a few times since, finally ending up in the hands of SK (refining nickel is dependent on electricity, lack of cheap supply meant that ore mined)

– Sudbury has tried to diversify its economy, but in the end it keeps being centered around mining. As goes nickel prices, so goes the prosperity of the city, but even at its most prosperous it is a pretty blue collar place.

– Aside from mining, Ontario’s first fusion reactor was built into one unused mining tunnel (enabling the refinery), and some science experiments have been run in others. The location is too far north for great agriculture but the high mineral content of the soils in the crater compensate somewhat, so there is some local agriculture. The granite hills outside of the crater are prime blueberry picking territory. But none of this compares to the minerals business in terms of employment in the SR timeline

– The game’s name is taken from the Stomping Tom Connors song: //, (for reference, Inco was the dominant mining company for decades). Other music to get you in the mood includes: The Chemical Workers’ Song //, Working Man //, Dark as a Dungeon, Blue Sky Mine //

– a few images:
slag pouring: //,
mine: //, //
– And since if Al joins in, he’ll no doubt get this view, aerial tour of Sudbury: //


-  Not the Thompsons are on in the contacts on Obsidian Portal:  They started as a fixer idea for a character I never played, but they work here too so I'm making use of that work.

- I mentioned that the time will be in January.  I forgot to mention the weather in Sudbury in January.  Although Sudbury is at about the same latitude as the northernmost edge of italy it is far colder thanks to the continental climate.  The weather can be pretty variable, but typically "cold".  Average high/low temperatures of -7C / -20C, but of course the start of the run is during a cold snap, nights below -30C (exposed flesh gets frostbite in ~10 minutes, your breath may freeze your eyelashes together, people are generally in multiple layers with pretty serious hats and mittens if they are going to be outside for long), days get up to around -20C  in mid-afternoon (dress for the cold, but it is a lot less dramatic, unless it is also windy or you are touching metal (damp flesh will freeze to it, and carrying metal will make the cold penetrate your mitts awfully quickly)

General conditions:
- The ground is covered in snow, but it has been down enough to be reasonably dense in most places (humans would sink mid-calf mostly).  It is too cold to make snowballs/snowmen.
- Lakes are frozen thickly enough to drive light vehicles on (rivers … depends on the current at the location).   
- Roads are coated in dried up salt and sand (as are vehicles).  Not that salt melts anything at the current temperatures.  Main roads are dry but lesser roads and parking lots may be packed snow with sand on it.
- Range of electrical vehicles are measurably reduced from the need to heat the batteries and cabin, gas vehicles can be slow to start (or if they have an older battery may not be able to start at all — locals have block heaters that they plug in over-night)
- No snow is predicted (it is too cold — snow is usually at -10C or warmer).  Snow tires are a good idea anyway, as the rubber in regular tires loses a lot of grip at those temperatures (handling drops by 1 point)

Sun rises about 8am and goes down around 5pm, and never gets above about 30 degrees above the horizon (long days compared to the UK!)


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